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Nagano 1998

Nagano 1998

femal winner: Korea - Kim, Mi-Jeong

Kim, Mi Jeong was born blind. At thirteen she was a competitive swimmer and played goal ball. But she also gained certifications as a " life-guard " and " Instructor for Aerobics " . She has competed as a skier for two years now, but even more importantly her life and thoughts have become very meaningful to her family, friends and persons with similar disabilities. She is the first person with a disability to study Physical Education at college in Korea.

She is always a source of joy and power to people with disabilities in Korea , and particularly for the members of the Korean Paralympic team.

Poland - Marcin Kos (M)

Marcin was born without hands. He is the father of three children and enjoys life as a salesman. People from his village in Poland respect and admire him as a famous Paralympic skier with many medals and champion ships to his name. These are his fourth Paralympic as a representative of his country in the crossing country discipline. He has been an inspiration to many people throughout his life.