beyond to change the world

Purpose of Prize

Paralympic Games is not just about winning a medal or winning against other athletes. Even though we fall sometimes, the Paralympic Games truly give power and spirit to overcome.

The Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award (formally Whang Youn Dai Overcome Prize) was recently renamed to emphasize a person’s achievement in overcoming their adversities.The award gives recognition to Paralympic athletes that have used their lives beyond sporting performances to inspire and excite the world.

Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award is to honor the athletes who see beyond their limitation and who has a vision to change the world through Sports and Paralympic Games.

Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award is intended to enhance the will of people with disabilities to overcome their adversities through the pursuit of excellence in sports and the participation in the Paralympic Games. The prize is contributed to those athletes who best exemplify the true human spirit to overcome the adversities by participating in sports. The Prize winner is selected regardless of nationality, race, gender, religion, ideology, and performance at the Games.

Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award is the outcome of years of Dr. Whang's dedication and contribution to serve those with disabilities. Working for over three decades, she realized the significant and rehabilitative impact of sports on overcoming their adversities.

In 1988, she received the "Today's Woman Prize" awarded by the Korean Press and donated her prize money to the International Co-ordination Committee (ICC), the predecessor of the IPC. The ICC decided to establish the Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award, as a tribute to Dr. Whang's lifelong commitment. The prize was commenced in the 1988 Seoul Paralympic Summer Games held in Korea.