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Personal History

Picture of Dr. Whang, Young DaiDr. Whang, Youn Dai has been dedicating her life and enthusiasm to endorse the welfare of people with a disability. Dr. Whang is also a person with a disability. Even though she was stricken with polio at the age of three, she overcame her disability with her strong will and determination and became the medical doctor with a disability in Korea . Since then, Dr. Whang and her husband, Mr. Chung, Eun Bae, have devoted to the development of the disable sports and promote their human right.

For her distinguished dedication for the disabled, she has become a well-respected advocate and received many awards from the Korean Government and Mass Media. Her achievements gained recognition in 1988, when she was selected by the Korean Press as the recipient of the "Award of Today's woman".

At the Seoul , Korea Paralympic games, she contributed her awards money to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). IPC decided to establish the Whang Youn Dai Overcome Prize to enhance the will of people with disabilities to overcome their adversities through sports and Paralympic Games. Since the 1988 Paralympic Games in Seoul , Korea , Whang Youn Dai Overcome Prize has been a great contribution to enhance the spirit of persons with disabilities around the world.

She is the former vice-president of Korean Sports Association for the Disabled (KOSAD) and the former National Paralympic Committee (NPC).